Aims of Comenius Project

Influence of the project on students, teachers, school and local environment.
- Project making international collaboration 7 European schools, which makes view into cultural and economical development possible in different regions of Europe.
- Search of traces cultural and industrial inheritance in Tczew and its area, showing penetrating region and national culture, accumulating materials and souvenirs and exchange them with partners would let skillfully merging seeing national root - this what is native and this what is Europe.
- Perfection quality educating with European elements through enriching History and Geography lessons with materials about project.
- Increase pupils and teachers motivations which are taking part in this project with reinforcement their European consciousness.
- Come out local community, that getting into the Europe we aren't losing own national roots and national culture, but we are enriching she with important European values.

The stages of preparing the project
- Accessing Maria Skłodowska-Curie High School in October 2000.
- Appointing the coordinator-teacher.
- Collecting informations about the project, using materials and documents.
- Popularization the Comenius project among students.
- Appointing group of students and teachers, who want to participate in the project. - Preparing plans in subject groups. - Submitting the project to the National Agency. - Meetings and abroad travels.