Socrates - Comenius Project

Comenius Project is an element of the European education of young people. In the process of European integration getting to know each other plays the most important role. The leading idea of the Comenius Project: Cultural and Industrial Heritage of Chosen European Regions serves this purpose. Breaking down mental barriers is synonymous with understanding that young people are entering Europe with multi-generation achievements of their ancestors. The young people participating in the Project have an opportunity not only broaden their knowledge and develop their skills but also to use in practice the information collected through their research. Besides, the ways of working in the Project enables students to develop their openness, the ability to communicate with other people,and the ability to do research on their own. The young people go beyond school canons and patterns. Thus they acquire some skills which are very valuable in life. Working in the Project makes it possible for them to gain some knowledge of the local region, and to present themselves and their work. Thanks to the modern techniques of communication and modern technologies of storing information we gain a precious knowledge which may come in handy in the future life.