Meetings 2002/2003

The meeting in Dobris 16-19 January 2003

The workshop meeting took place in Dobris in Czech Republic from 16 to 19 January 2003. The main purpose of the meeting was to fix the terms of cooperation and to prepare the materials for the following school year. The organizers of the meeting were the students of the Carol Capek Grammar School in Dobris under the direction of German teacher- Olina Svojtkowa. The Polish group was represented by the students from the class III b- Michalina Jażdżewska and Agata Jurga and the teachers Krystyna Jarosz (a German teacher), Aleksandra Krzemińska (a teacher of information technology). From the Philipinum Grammar School in Weilburg came five students and two keepers. The program of the visit was prepared very well and interesting. The first day all groups met at school library, where everyone got information bulletin, which included the particular schedule. The date of next meetings in Weilburg (27-30 March 2003) and in Tczew (5-8 June 2003) were fixed. In Weilburg, the meeting will have the working character. In Tczew the project will be sum up and there will be some presentations of all groups. Dobris, called the ?gold path? town is situated in the centre of Bohemia. The attraction of the town is a beautiful castle. We took the oportunity of visiting that unusual object, admiring rooms, which are in a very good condition, taking a stroll in the gardens. In the castle restaurant all participants of meeting ate a special dinner. Next day, on Friday morning we saw the vivid town- Pribram. There is a place dedicated to the God Mother from Saint Mountain were the Pilgrims come not only from the Czech Republic.
In the evening in grammar school in Dobris with mer and vice-mer of the city, the teachers and the parents took part in the presentation of previous work of each team. The students of Weilburg introduced the parts of their work with special equipment, the Pols and the Czechs had the materials about their regions on the boards. The students from Tczew described our area (Tczew, Gniew) and told briefly about their work, which has been prepared by our students that year. The Czech group reported their progress in working.
After the presentation the subject was under discussion. It was decided that the work in Czech and Polish versions will be added to the final, which includes English and German ones.
The meeting at the school was finished by the school art-group's performance, which presented short drama about the fight between right and wrong.
On Saturday we were in the capital of the Czech Republic- the gold Prague. We were visiting Hradczany and we walked along old streets. In the evening we saw in Philharmonic- 'Traviata' by Verdi.

The meeting in Weilburg 21 - 24 March 2003

On 21st till 24th March 2003 in Weilburg the members of Czech, German and Polish groups met to discuss the Comenius project "Cultural and industrial heritage of particular regions of Europe".
Poland was represented by two teachers from the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Secondary School in Tczew: Mrs. Aleksandra Krzemińska and Mr. Remigiusz Koluch as well as Ms. Alicja Bagnucka (student) and Ms. Marta Knopik (student).
As soon as we arrived too Weilburg we visited The Philipinum Gymnasium, the school was responsible for the co-ordination of the project. We were impressed with the school library, where you can find the most famous work of Amos Komenski. The same day we also saw the Baroque Castle in Weilburg and the city center.
On Friday all invited groups were welcomed by dr Hans Helmut Hoos, the head master of the school. After welcome speech all the schools involved in this project were presented. They shared their experience from the project.
Our group used Power Point and over-head projector to present our work. We saved that presentation on CD and printed only part of it.
members of the local authorities and department of education during their presentation shared the importance of the co-operation between all the schools hoping that the project would go on!
On Friday afternoon we visited the closed local mine.
Next day we were cycling around the town and we saw many interesting places. On Saturday evening. all the guests were invited for a picnic, organised at the school grounds.
Our two students for the first time took part in the Comenius and it is important for us that this project involves schools from different European Countries, which allows us to share the experience among teachers from other countries. It also gives us an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make me friend! Moreover, this project encouraged us to look for information about different countries, see different places.