Meetings 2003/2004

Comenius Week
The week of Socrates - Comenius Project
8 - 14 November 2003

The place : 30 coutries of Europe
The members: All schoola that take part in projects of Comenius

European Comision and National Agencies of European Union educational program Socrates-Comenius organised THE WEEK OF COMENIUS in all the membering countries.
The main festival took part in Bruksela between 8th and 12th of November but also in I LO in Tczew that week was special and it started on 8th and finished on 14th. Mrs Krzemińska and her students organised a presentation of the works prepared by students, pictures and souvenirs from Dobris and Weilburg. The exhibition was opened for all students and teachers. On the board in the hall are written the topics to prepare this year. There were given information for students who wanted to help and work in this project. In the end of the Comenius Week there was a meeting of the project members with the dr Krzysztof Ku?mierczuk the member of the county office, connected with european programs. He listened to the school achievements of comenius project and told what he noticed and showed the students the good side of the connecting to UE.

The meeting in Weilburg

Between 22 I and 25 I 2004 two teachers from the I LO named after M.Sklodowska-Curie in Tczew - mgr inż. Aleksandra Krzemińska (who takes care of the Comenius Project at school) mgr Julianna Leczkowska (english teacher) and two students Ewelina Tryba and Daria Prewysz Kwinto were on a studying trip in Weilburg (Germany). There was also a group of four students and two techers (Milan Brabenc and Stepanka Machowa) from Czech Republic. This time the meeting was organised by the young people from Gimnazium Philipinum in Weilburg with their teacher - Uwe Kraffert. The idea of the meeting was to talk about the achievements and to organize plan for following years. The most important day of the stay was the day when the works were presented. The students from secondary schools in Dobris, Weilburg and the I LO in Tczew in an interesting way have presented results of their work in german and in english. There were also some short trips during the stay in Germany. We visited Weilburg the pearl of Hessen says Julianna Leczkowska. The thing that interested us most was the castle in Weilburg which was built in the time of Barok. In Giessen we visited the Maths Museum where you can try some easy experiments to see how the mathematic and physic works. It was a educating but relaxing trip. Very importand was to make friends between the three schools which take part in Comenius Project. In the end of march the I LO in Tczew is going invite the students from Czech Republic and Germany.